Buyer Insights – How to build your property team

Buyer Insights – How to build your property team

Over the years of buying property we have observed many approaches and goals to buying property. Whilst each person’s goal, approach and decision is unique to them, their decision was commonly formed in consultation with a number of people.

So who are these people and what was their role? You may ask. 

These are the common team members that you may wish to have on hand for property decisions and as part of your property team:

  1. Financial Advisor/Financial Planner/Accountant/Tax Advisor – There role is commonly to explore, guide and formulate a plan that will assist you to achieve your goal with the level of risk you are comfortable with. There planning should also include risk mitigation, compliance and reporting requirements for any decision you are considering or have made. They will commonly be on hand to discuss ideas or make any required changes or setups that you require over time.
  2. Financial Institution – If you require financial support to implement your property dream(s), a financial lending institution is one such place you may seek funding from to achieve your dream. There are many financial options to consider to secure the right funding to achieve your goal or dream today. The financial support you decide is best for you should always be taken with care and time and is best made in consultation with your Financial Advisor and/or Legal representative.  
  3. Legal – As a professional service and similar to a Financial Advisor, your legal representative has the role of exploring, guiding, advising and implementing on matters you decide to achieve your goal and acceptable level of risk. There planning should also include current and future risk mitigation, compliance and reporting requirements for any decision you are considering or have made. They will commonly be on hand to discuss ideas or make any required changes or setups that you require over time.
  4. Buyers Agent – A professional and qualified service designed for property buyers only. There role is to advise, guide and work hard to source and secure the best property at the best price available for your budget through their local knowledge and research expertise. Businesses such as Agility Property provide a Buyers Agent service with local knowledge and expertise to home owners and investors, along with our Design and Renovation service, and Property Advocate advisory service.
  5. Selling Agent – A professional and qualified service for property sellers only. There role is to advise, guide, market and sell a property for the seller or property owner at the highest price available.
  6. Property Advocate – A professional and qualified advisory service that is on hand to you for any and all property services you may require between purchasing and selling your property. A Property Advocates advice may be engaged to review and advise on trade-work to be or has been completed at your property, assist you with selecting a quality Property Manager, accompany your Property Manager for property inspections or review property inspections should you have any doubts, and/or advise property sellers on there property’s marketability for property buyers. The service is broad in nature and is on hand and full of local knowledge as and when your need it. Businesses such as Agility Property provide a Property Advocate service to several clients.
  7. Tradespeople and Professional Services – Tradespeople and professional services are local services to maintain, repair or provide guidance on your property to an agreed standard of finish. These may include Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Quantity Surveyor, Landscaping and Gardeners, and Stylists who provide an excellent quality of work and customer service and commensurate fee. To save you time in researching quality tradespeople our Design and Renovation service is on hand to you whenever you may need it.
  8. Property Manager – Is a local service provider designed to manage, repair and maintain your property and its financial rental return on your behalf for an agreed fee. Selecting a quality Property Manager that will have the time, skill and interest in managing your property to the level you expect is an important property investment decision. Our Property Advocate advisory service can assist in making this process less stressful for you.

All of these professional services play a pivotal role in your property, whether it is to discuss and devise a plan, set up a legal structure, source and secure a great property, arrange repairs, maintenance or renovation work, to sourcing tenants and managing your rental return. Finding the right members to form your property team that you trust and respect in their ability and knowledge is an important decision.

How To Find Your Property Team!

Your property team could be sourced in a variety of ways but most members are best sourced via referrals from colleagues, family or friends, or trusted professional advisors. These referrals from trusted sources could save you valuable time and money. 

If you are formulating your property team and require a trusted and agile Buyers Agent, Design and Renovation service, or a Property Advocate our on-call service would be delighted to become a member of your property team! Contact Us.

Kristy Smith

Disclaimer – This Blog is written as general information from personal observations and experience. Any financial or property decision should be made in consultation with your chosen professional service and with time and care

Kristy is the Owner and Principal of Agility Property. Following her first property acquisition at the age of 22 in Sydney, Australia, she has continued to grow her portfolio over the years. Now a decade or so on Kristy is degree qualified in Business, Human Resources and Legal, Certificate IV Property Services, and as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Queensland, she is business minded with agility. Kristy is also an active member of her local community and contributes to local and national Not-For-Profit organisation's that focus passionately on learning and education, and health. These include local Long Day Centres and Kindergartens, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Kids Cancer Project, and the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. Kristy is also a Kiva supporter and sponsor for women with families in developing countries.


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