Buyer’s Agent

Buyer’s Agent

Our Buyer’s Agent service is focused on sourcing and securing the best property available that best meets your brief. Our Buyer’s Agent service is designed to save you time and bring confidence to your property decisions.


Our property purchase process involves:

The brief

Our personalised service ensures we truly understand your needs. We take the time to build a detailed brief ensuring we source the best property, with the best features in the best location. We can seek a single property whether a primary residence or an investment property, or an entire property portfolio on your behalf.

The research

We will save you many hours including your weekends by using our specialised skills to research, evaluate, view and shortlist properties to meet your agreed brief. Our network and research skills ensures we dig deeper to source you opportunities that access the best properties to suit your needs, and often ahead of the market. Our network also includes our Buyers Marketplace which advertises the properties we are seeking on behalf of our Clients, the Buyer. This provides an opportunity for private property sellers, licensed Real Estate Selling Agents & Property Developers to view and source qualified property buyers 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

The purchase

Once we find the best property for you, it’s time to negotiate and call it your own. Using our market knowledge and objective opinion we can design a purchase strategy to guide you on price, terms of the Contract of Sale and advise on the purchase process and complete pre and post settlement inspections. We will negotiate the purchase of the property on your behalf, whether through private sale or bidding at auction and ensure the property sale is smooth and on time through to Settlement and including delivery of the keys to you and pre-settlement inspections.

Once your property purchase is underway, our complementary property design and renovation services are available to assist you with planning and coordinating any property repairs, re-design, and renovation work. Commencing the planning and co-ordination of any repairs, design or renovation during the Settlement phase will enable you to maximise your time and money so you can commence any or all work on Settlement.

If you are considering engaging a Buyers Agent our recent blog articles provide information on how we can help you, our process or our fee, or if you have a question or would like to engage our services, Contact Us. We’d love to help you find your next property.

Living Interstate?

We understand the time and organisation required when buying a property and you are living or moving from interstate so we have tailored our service suite to provide supporting services. There aim is to provide you with more time, clarity and confidence to your property decisions;

  • digital property viewings and onsite property viewing’s to meet your availability
  • accommodation in our preferred hotels
  • air conditioned transport for scheduled property viewings
  • our Design and Renovation service if your new property needs an immediate improvement, renovation, modification
  • our Home Styling and Organisation service to bring your unique style into your home with a system of organisation to alleviate the busiest of lives
  • Our Collaborators will help you:-
    • if you have children don’t worry we have that covered to with our professional and caring Nanny service
    • our moving and relocation experts area available to help declutter, sort, pack and unpack your household items, furniture,  personal belongings, arrange transportation for your pet(s), vehicles, boats
    • property cleaning that includes the carpets being shampooed, the pool and spa are clean and the lawn and gardens are serviced and ready for you to enjoy, your kitchen fridge, the bar, and food pantry is cleaned and stocked on your arrival
    • ensuring your business wear and/or the children’s school clothing and shoes are cleaned, pressed, and the car is serviced and ready for day one in your new home
    • become familiar with your new location and can help you research and enrol in new schools, sports or arts activities and church groups

Property Consolidation

Should the time arise where you decide to sell your property and re-invest the funds in property, we can assist you achieve this by;

  • developing simple practical marketing strategies to attract the style of buyer for your property,
  • develop and assist with property styling and presentation to your potential buyer,
  • appoint and coordinate tradespeople to maintain your property during the marketing and selling phase, as well as
  • shortlist reputable Selling Agents…

In addition to this and during your property’s Selling and Settlement period, our Buyers Agent service is on hand to research and source your next property whether it be your next home or investment property.

Contact Us when you are ready to sell and we will develop a simple yet practical strategy to attract the right buyer to your property!